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It doesn’t matter if you are new in business or you have experience in import and export. In either case, you will have undoubtedly been frightened when receiving your final statement and discovering charges you hadn’t anticipated. You may efficiently manage your budget by being aware of the hidden shipping cost and other aspects that affect your final bill. Hipofly will give you the most critical information about the hidden shipping cost from China.

List Of Shipping Costs

China is renowned for offering inexpensive goods and services. However, it would be beneficial to use caution when choosing shipping providers. Researching the organization is one of the most crucial things you must perform. You should find out whether the company has a good reputation or not. If not, then you are better off without them. Another thing you can do is find out how long it takes for your items to arrive in China and what other products they offer for shipping, such as express shipping options and insurance against loss or damage.

  • Shipping cost
  • Delivery fee
  • Pick up fee
  • Custom clearance
  • Value tax
  • Tax and duty related charges
  • Etc

What are hidden and undercover shipping costs?

Many sellers pay $4.50 or another flat amount to ship each shipment, but there are direct and indirect hidden shipping cost. If you rent warehouse space, expect a 10% price rise soon, which will cut profits.

The price of supplies and packaging materials

When you handle e-commerce fulfillment on your own, you might need several tools and supplies. Depending on how you pack your items and which carriers and services you use, you may need to buy one or more of the following:

  • Bubble wrap, dunnage, packing peanuts, air pillows, and other cushioning materials
  • There are boxes, poly mailers, and envelopes
  • Labels and paper
  • Printer and ink
  • Mail bins
  • Packing tape

Transportation expenses

Once your customers’ orders are ready to be sent, It is necessary for you to transport them to a location from which they can be sent. Usually, this means driving to the post office or UPS Store.

Even after you put all the boxes in your car, you may still get stuck in traffic or have trouble finding a parking spot or have to pay for one. These trips add up hidden shipping cost because you’re trying to drive more miles and putting more damage on your car.

Inefficiencies cost money

You don’t know best practices if retail fulfillment isn’t your primary business. Manual, repetitive processes might cause costly shipping errors. As orders increase, inefficiencies multiply.

Also, without:

Bulk discounts: If you don’t ship millions of packages annually, you don’t have the best deals with carriers.

Integration with other systems: If your methods aren’t linked to the technologies you have used, you lack speed, automated processes, data to help make decisions, and customer accountability.
Multiple locations: If you can only ship orders from one place, you may have to pay more for packages that go through more than one shipping zone.

hidden shipping cost

The price of keeping your clients waiting

When you manage orders in-house, you usually go with the cheapest shipping option you can find. It might seem the best choice for you, but it might not be the best choice for all your customers.

Shipping insurance costs money

Some people don’t choose to have their packages secured. Depending on the carrier, service, kind of item, state of the box, and delivery destination, if the contents of your shipment are worth $100 or less, you may already be covered against loss or shipping damage.

If not, you can pay for shipping insurance if you want to be safe. Of course, you still have to make a claim if your package is damaged, lost, or stolen, which takes more time.

The opportunity cost of finishing more expensive tasks

If you’re trying to start a successful online store, you must do many different things. When you choose one option over another, you skip out on the benefits that could have come from the other options.

Every hour you spend checking for new orders, packing your items, driving to the post office, waiting in line, and shipping your products, you miss the chance to grow your customer base, make new products, market your business, and much more.

Since time is the new currency for entrepreneurs, you may need to distribute administrative and operational tasks that save you time and can be done by someone else, especially if they’re not too expensive.

How can I reduce my shipping costs from China?

You ship from China, and an essential thing to you is how much it costs to ship. The more your business depends on moving goods, the more it will benefit from lowering hidden shipping cost overall. It’s important to know that">shipping costs need to go down. There are five ways to reduce your expenses in a shipment.

Five easy ways to save money when you ship from China

Choose the shipping terms with care

In international trade, Incoterms come first. It explains the obligations, expenses, and dangers of shipping and delivery. Popular Incoterm is FOB. Your China suppliers pay export fees when FOB. Paying your forwarder is port-to-port ocean freight only.

 You must contact a local import agent at your location to handle customs, docs, door-to-door delivery, taxes, etc. And the costs differ considerably on">EXW, CIF, DDU, etc. It is better to know all shipping terms.

Choose a reliable freight forwarder

Find a trusted freight forwarder for all your transportation needs. They provide hidden shipping cost reductions. Shipping reductions save you money. If your e-commerce discounts are significant, you can offer free shipping.

Freight forwarders let you expand internationally without worrying about shipping costs. Freight forwarders manage documentation, customs clearance, and warehousing. They can ship from China to the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, etc.

Reduce the volume through packaging and packing

Freight costs typically come from the package’s mass or volume. You must pack your goods to take up as little space as possible. If you don’t, you’ll pay more than you need to.

If you use more packing than you need, it will cost you the packaging material. It will also cost you more because you have more stuff shipped.

Buy in bulk to save money on shipping

Buying in bulk reduces delivery expenses and hidden shipping cost. If you don’t achieve the lowest price per item, you’ll be surprised at how quiet the delivery charges are. We know that weight impacts freight costs: more items = lower price.

 Air and courier minimums are 0.5 kg, whereas the sea is 1 CBM. If your business model allows, buy more goods for shipment. The per-unit freight cost is cheaper than it appears. Buying from a local seller can save you money on long-distance shipping.

Load the container on time, and stick to your cargo strategy

Understand the ins and outs of freight forwarding operations. You and your forwarder need a severe plan for loading containers. Maintaining open communication lines helps avoid wasting money and ensures that orders are fulfilled on time.

Timely container booking and preparation of products are required. If you order the materials early, your forwarder can make an emergency arrangement. An expert importer is aware of and used to standard operating procedures. Forwarders prearrange space utilization and cargo delivery or pickup.

Delivering the products too soon or too late can result in costly storage fees. As a result, it may raise the possibility of being delayed for examination at Customs.


Which shipping method is best for me?

You can choose the best shipping method based on your products’ volume to reduce hidden shipping cost, target rate, transit time, etc. there are four standard shipping methods for your shipping needs. Methods are Air freight, Sea freight, Rail freight, and Truckload.

Air Freight

Most things that can be shipped LTL can also be shipped by plane. Air shipping is a fast way to get goods to other countries, but it can be expensive. But if you’re short on time, it might be a good choice.

Sea Freight

Enormous ocean ships can transport freight from one country to another, typically in large metal corrugated containers. This is a long-lasting solution for transporting large quantities of cargo.

Rail Freight

Even though train or rail shipping is often seen as old-fashioned, it is still a good and cheap way to ship freight. It can move LTL (less than truckload) or truckload (full truck) shipments from one place to another, or it can work with other forms of transportation.


Truckload shipping is the best way to get freight that weighs more than 15,000 pounds across the country. Truckload (TL) shipments usually arrive on the same trailer that picked them up. This makes it less likely that they will be lost or damaged.

Tips for choosing best shipping methods

Your online business will fail if you can’t get orders quickly and reliably. Your top priorities are to get your customers’ demands rapidly and correctly, but you should also choose a cheap shipping method.

You can choose from the most shipping options to ensure your orders are sent safely. Shipping companies and shipping methods are selected based on the following factors:

Confirmation of delivery and tracking

Most of the time, Delivery confirmation will let you know that the package has arrived. It will also keep track of if delivery was tried but failed. But after that, the details are often not precise.

Most of the time, Delivery Confirmation won’t help you in these situations. A package can be lost while the “delivery confirmation” shows it was delivered. In these cases, delivery confirmation is typically useless. “Delivery Confirmation” can show “delivered” on a lost item.

Delivery confirmation is often not checked. In other cases, neither the pickup or delivery side scanned the package. The “delivery confirmation” number online states Labels Printed.

USPS Delivery Confirmation is limited to products at least three by 4 inches wide. For Delivery Confirmation on items less than three by 4 inches wide, use priority mail.

Getting items to the Distribution Center

You must send the goods to the fulfillment center to choose the correct outgoing shipping method. Most centers have negotiated rates for shipping freight via Less-Than-Truckload or other ways, and you should compare the shipping costs for incoming shipments from your fulfillment company.

There could be a significant price difference between freight companies, depending on what you’re sending and where it will be picked up, where they’ll be picked up. Your distribution center should be able to help you choose the best option.


After reading this article, you will learn about hidden shipping costs and other factors affecting your final bill. Hipofly has let you know how to reduce your products’ costs in this article. Now you can keep your budget under control.

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