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When it comes to shipping from China to Germany, HipoFly is your trusted partner, offering an extensive range of logistics solutions. Whether you require swift air freight from China to Germany, reliable sea freight from China to Germany, or the convenience of DDP services, HipoFly is here to streamline the entire process. With our experienced team of logistics experts available 24/7, we provide quick and dependable assistance, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination in Germany with ease and compliance.

HipoFly understands the complexities involved in selecting the most suitable shipping method. We take pride in maintaining strong connections with top ocean and air carriers and ensuring reliable capacity and services at major German ports. This enables us to offer you not only competitive pricing but also the most up to date information on your shipment’s status. With a well-established network of railways, highways, seaports, and airports, HipoFly is dedicated to finding the best route to the German market for your goods.

From major Chinese cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Beijing, and Hong Kong to prominent German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Leipzig, HipoFly’s comprehensive shipping services cover it all. Your shipment’s safety and timeliness are our top priorities, making your shipping from China to Germany a hassle-free and efficient experience. Contact us anytime for answers to your questions and a free quote, and let HipoFly take care of your shipping needs with precision and expertise.

Where is Germany?

Germany, the most populous member of the European Union and the fifth most populous globally with over 82 million residents, is strategically positioned in Western Europe. It is bordered by the Baltic and North Seas to the north and neighbors Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Renowned for vibrant cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Leipzig, Germany functions as a federal parliamentary republic with sixteen states under a central government. Playing a pivotal role in international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, G8, G20, and OECD, Germany’s influence extends well beyond its borders. As the world’s fourth-largest economy, it is a major player in both the import and export sectors and leads globally in various scientific and technological fields. Germany’s strategic location, economic prowess, and influential role in international affairs underscore its significance on the global stage.

LocationWestern Europe
Coordinates52.516667, 13.383333
Largest CityBerlin
Administrative Divisions16 states
Area357,022 km² (137,847 sq mi)
Population (2020)83,190,556 (18th)
Official LanguageGerman
ISO Alpha-2 CodeDE
ISO Alpha-3 CodeDEU
ISO Numeric Code276
GDP PPP (2021)$4.743 trillion (5th)
Calling Code49
Time ZoneCET (UTC+1)

China & Germany trade relations - China & Deutschland Handelsbeziehungen 

HipoFly shipping company takes great pride in its role as a vital link in the flourishing trade connections between China and Germany. This dynamic economic partnership, with China being Germany’s largest trading partner outside the European Union and Germany being China’s leading European trading partner, has created substantial opportunities for businesses to thrive.

Our specialization in providing efficient and dependable services for shipping from China to Germany positions us as a key player in this thriving trade relationship. We offer comprehensive solutions, including air and sea cargo services, customs clearance, and logistical support, designed to streamline the shipping experience for our clients. With our deep knowledge of local markets and regulations, we navigate the intricacies of international trade to deliver tailored solutions, ultimately fostering growth and success for businesses operating in this dynamic trade environment. HipoFly is committed to contributing to the economic progress of both nations and remains dedicated to serving our clients as they navigate the ever-evolving world of international trade.

Shipping from China to Germany - Versand von China nach Deutschland

HipoFly, with over a decade of experience in forwarding services to China, is your trusted partner in the in the shipping from China to Germany. We collaborate closely with top airlines and shipping companies, providing cost-effective and high-quality shipping services. Our extensive presence includes branch offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu, Ningbo, Xiamen, and our main office in Shenzhen. In this comprehensive article, we’ll equip you with the essential knowledge needed to ship from China to Germany, addressing factors influencing pricing and transit times.

Our expertise encompasses multiple shipping options, ensuring a tailored approach to your needs. Here are the key shipping methods you can choose from:

  1. Air Cargo: For swift delivery, especially of smaller, time-sensitive packages, air freight from China to Germany is an ideal choice. HipoFly offers fast and reliable air cargo options from major Chinese airports to various cities in Germany. For more information, visit our Air Freight service.
  2. Sea Freight: If you have larger shipments and can afford a longer transit time, sea shipping from China to Germany is a cost-effective option. This method is suitable for various cargo types. Learn more about our Sea Freight service.
  3. Door-to-Door (DDP): HipoFly offers a convenient DDP service, including DDP Air Freight, DDP Rail Freight, DDP Sea Shipping, and DDP Truck Freight. We handle customs clearance and logistics, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Explore our DDP Shipping service for additional details.
  4. Express Shipping: FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT Express air freight offer rapid delivery from China to Germany. Expect swift customs clearance and delivery in 3-5 business days. Find more information on our Express Shipping service.

No matter which shipping method you choose air, sea, DDP, or express – HipoFly ensures a seamless, door-to-door delivery experience, eliminating logistical challenges and paperwork. For more detailed information on each service, visit our dedicated pages to explore the best shipping solution tailored to your needs.

Necessary Documents for shipping from China to Germany

When it comes to shipping from China to Germany, proper documentation is crucial to ensure a smooth and compliant process. Here are the essential documents you’ll need:

  1. Proforma Invoice: A critical document for international shipping, the proforma invoice contains key information about the transaction. It includes details about the buyer and seller, comprehensive information about the goods, associated costs, payment terms, delivery terms (typically one of the 11 Incoterms), and the currency of the quote.
  2. Packing List: This document provides comprehensive information about the shipment, including the sender’s and receiver’s details, container contents, size and weight of each container, the number of containers, specific marks and numbers, and any other necessary information.
  3. Certificate of Origin (C/O): A Certificate of Origin is essential for confirming the country of origin of goods. It often requires validation by a consulate or chamber of commerce. It’s a crucial document for international trade, as it determines duty rates based on free trade agreements.
  4. Inland Bill of Lading: An inland bill of lading serves as a contract between the exporter and the shipper. It outlines the destination of the goods and serves as proof of pickup. Typically, it’s not sent directly to the buyer but to the carrier, forwarder, or warehouse handling the international shipping process.

HipoFly offers cost-effective pickup services via truck and express from various cities in China, ensuring your goods are efficiently transported to their destination. To delve deeper into the necessary documentation for shipping from China to destinations worldwide, explore our Necessary Document service.

Air freight from China to Germany -Luftfracht von China nach Deutschland

When it comes to shipping from China to Germany, air freight stands out as a swift and reliable option, and HipoFly has harnessed a vast network of specialized carriers to ensure seamless delivery. Departing daily and weekly from China’s major airports, these carriers offer access to air destinations worldwide, making it a go-to choice for businesses and individuals with pressing shipping needs.

Air freight, often dubbed the second-quickest shipping method, leverages major airline carriers to swiftly transport your goods. It’s the ideal choice when time is of the essence, and it particularly shines for cargo loads ranging between 100 and 500 kilograms. HipoFly’s air freight service from China to Germany is your assurance of safety and reliability, whether you’re shipping high-value or time-sensitive items.

Our air freight solutions cater to a variety of preferences, offering flexibility in service. You can opt for airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door, or door-to-airport services, depending on your requirements. Typically, air cargo from China to Germany takes between 3 to 8 days, although transit times may vary depending on market conditions and cargo volume.

HipoFly provides two distinct air freight from Shenzhen and Guangzhou to Germany:

  • Economy Air Freight Service: Offering a cost-effective solution for your air shipping needs, this service ensures your cargo reaches its destination reliably and efficiently.
  • Express Air Freight Service: For those requiring an expedited delivery, our express air freight service is the answer. It guarantees swift transportation from China to Germany, ensuring your goods reach their destination with urgency.

In a world where speed and reliability are paramount, HipoFly’s air freight services connect China and Germany seamlessly, ensuring your shipments arrive on time, every time.

For insights into the major cargo airports in Germany, crucial for shipping from China, visit Germany’s Cargo Airports post. Key hubs include Frankfurt, Leipzig/Halle, Cologne Bonn, Munich, and Hamburg airports, each playing a significant role in facilitating international trade.

Main air freight route from China to Germany

The Shenzhen Baoan International Airport said Tuesday that a new air freight route between the city of Shenzhen in southern China and the city of Leipzig in Germany has started.
AeroLogic, a cargo airline, runs the route. Each week, six round-trips are made by Boeing 777 planes that only carry cargo.

In general, it takes 8 hours and 48 minutes to fly from China to Germany. Depending on the weather, the flight path, and how busy the air is, however, the length of any given flight may be different from the average. This means that some flights are shorter than 8 hours and 48 minutes, but some are longer.

Because of how things are in Germany, there are a lot of air freight services from China to Germany. Here is a list of all the routes for air freight:

  • Shenzhen to Frankfurt by Lufthansa
  • Shenzhen to Berlin by KLM
  • Guangzhou to Frankfurt by Air China
  • Guangzhou to Berlin by Air China
  • Shanghai to Frankfurt by Lufthansa
  • Shanghai to Berlin by Lufthansa
  • Hong Kong to Frankfurt by KLM
  • Hong Kong to Berlin by Lufthansa

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Major air carrier from China to Germany

In Germany’s aviation landscape, Lufthansa remains the reigning giant, holding the position of the national airline and one of Europe’s largest carriers. Lufthansa’s extensive network spans across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, establishing it as a global aviation leader. Within the Lufthansa Group, which includes Swiss International Air Lines, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, and Air Dolomiti, Lufthansa retains its top-tier status as the largest airline group in Europe, employing approximately 130,000 personnel. Lufthansa Cargo plays a pivotal role in air cargo services, serving clients worldwide, with significant volumes transported in collaboration with China Post, emphasizing the surging e-commerce shipments between China and Europe.

Eurowings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, has steadily risen to prominence since its inception in 1993. Originally part of Lufthansa Regional, it transitioned to operate as Germanwings in 2014 and subsequently absorbed all Germanwings flights in 2015. As the largest low-cost airline and the second-largest carrier in Germany, Eurowings is an essential player in both domestic and European routes. With over 60 aircraft serving more than 140 destinations across Germany and Europe, Eurowings offers a broad range of options for business and leisure travelers. The airline’s hub in Düsseldorf facilitates seamless flight connections, further enhancing its appeal for passengers traveling to various destinations within Germany and beyond.

Air Freight Cost / Transit time from China to Germany

Shipping from China to Germany is one of the most important industries in the world. It is also one of the most complex and diverse industries. The modern shipping industry has to deal with a huge range of issues, including global trade, environmental protection, security and safety, as well as international diplomacy.

Shipping from China to Germany can be done in a number of ways. One of the most common is by Air freight. It is an affordable and reliable option that offers door-to-door delivery, but it takes longer than other options.

The best way to ship from China to Germany is by air freight. Shipping by air freight is the most economic and fastest way of transporting goods.

The key benefit of air freight shipping is that it does not require any ground transportation and does not have any delays in customs or border control. It also has a much lower risk of damage, theft, or loss than other types of shipping methods.

Here, we talk about the cost of air freight from China to Germany and how long it takes to get there.

Air freight cost - China to Germany

As a representative of Hipofly Shipping Company in China, we are pleased to offer you a range of air cargo solutions for shipping from China to Germany. Our air freight services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, and we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, reliable, and timely shipping services.

Below, you will find a sample table listing estimated air cargo costs from various cities/airports in China to different cities/airports in Germany for a standard shipment. Please note that these are only estimates, and actual costs may vary. To get accurate, up-to-date quotes, kindly contact our customer service team.

From (China)Airport CodeTo (Germany)Airport CodeEstimated Cost (per kg)
BeijingPEKFrankfurtFRA$3.50 – $4.50
ShanghaiPVGMunichMUC$3.70 – $4.70
GuangzhouCANBerlinBER$4.00 – $5.00
ShenzhenSZXDusseldorfDUS$4.20 – $5.20
ChengduCTUHamburgHAM$4.30 – $5.30
WuhanWUHStuttgartSTR$4.50 – $5.50
HangzhouHGHCologne/BonnCGN$4.60 – $5.60
ChongqingCKGNurembergNUE$4.80 – $5.80
QingdaoTAOHannoverHAJ$4.90 – $5.90
XiamenXMNLeipzig/HalleLEJ$5.10 – $6.10
NanjingNKGBremenBRE$5.30 – $6.30
JinanTNADresdenDRS$5.50 – $6.50
TianjinTSNDortmundDTM$5.70 – $6.70
FuzhouFOCErfurtERF$5.90 – $6.90
HarbinHRBFrankfurt HahnHHN$6.10 – $7.10
ShijiazhuangSJWFriedrichshafenFDH$6.30 – $7.30
ZhengzhouCGOKarlsruhe/Baden-BadenFKB$6.50 – $7.50
GuiyangKWEKassel-CaldenKSF$6.70 – $7.70
ChangshaCSXLubeckLBC$6.90 – $7.90
KunmingKMGMemmingenFMM$7.10 – $8.10

What are common extra costs for air freight?

Costs for shipping from China to Germany by air freight are higher than usual because the shipment needs special care.
If you know about these fees, you will have a better idea of how much air freight costs.

The price can also be affected by where the shipment is going and what time of year it is being shipped. For example, if you are shipping in December, you may have to pay a higher fee because there are more people use shipping service from china during this time period.

Here are some of the most common costs for air freight:

  • Airport Handling Fee
  • Airport Screening Fee
  • Airport Transfer Fee
  • Dangerous Goods Fee
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Handling fee
  • Letter of Credit Fee
  • Security Surcharge
  • Terminal Handling Fee

Air freight Transit Time - China to Germany

Below, you will find a sample table listing estimated transit times in business days from various cities/airports in China to different cities/airports in Germany. Please note that these are only estimates, and actual transit times may vary. To get accurate china to germany shipping time , up to date quotes, kindly contact our customer service team.

From (China)Airport CodeTo (Germany)Airport CodeEstimated Transit Time (business days)
BeijingPEKFrankfurtFRA3 – 5
ShanghaiPVGMunichMUC3 – 5
GuangzhouCANBerlinBER4 – 6
ShenzhenSZXDusseldorfDUS4 – 6
ChengduCTUHamburgHAM4 – 6
WuhanWUHStuttgartSTR4 – 6
HangzhouHGHCologne/BonnCGN4 – 6
ChongqingCKGNurembergNUE5 – 7
QingdaoTAOHannoverHAJ5 – 7
XiamenXMNLeipzig/HalleLEJ5 – 7
NanjingNKGBremenBRE5 – 7
JinanTNADresdenDRS5 – 7
TianjinTSNDortmundDTM6 – 8
FuzhouFOCErfurtERF6 – 8
HarbinHRBFrankfurt HahnHHN6 – 8
ShijiazhuangSJWFriedrichshafenFDH6 – 8
ZhengzhouCGOKarlsruhe/Baden-BadenFKB6 – 8
GuiyangKWEKassel-CaldenKSF7 – 9
ChangshaCSXLubeckLBC7 – 9
KunmingKMGMemmingenFMM7 – 9

Sea freight from China to Germany -Seefracht von China nach Deutschland

Sea freight is the international transportation of goods by ship in containers from China to Germany, is the most convenient and economic way for trading.

Sea freight can be used for all kind of goods, such as metal scrap, metal products, machinery and equipment, construction materials and so on.

With the growth of globalization and international trade, sea freight has become a crucial aspect of international commerce. This article will discuss how the transportation by ship is different from other forms of transport and what you should know about sea freight.

HipoFly offers two types of sea freight from China to Germany:

  • FCL | Full Container Load: FCL stands for Full Container Load, which is another name for container shipping. This term means that only one shipment can use a container at a time. Unsworth Global Logistics can offer our customers worldwide Container Shipping (FCL) services for a variety of cargo. FCL shipments are good for people who need to send a lot of goods.
  • LCL | Less than Container Load: LCL, which stands for “less than container load,” is a way to ship smaller ocean shipments, usually less than 20 CBM, that don’t need a full container.

HipoFly offers FCL and LCL sea shipping services from China to Germany.


Many customers who need sea freight service from China to Germany ask the HipoFly team which one is best for them. FCL or LCL ?

Shipping FCL is usually the better choice for shipments that need to arrive quickly or before a certain date. LCL is better for shipments with dates that can be changed.

Aside from transshipments, LCL shipments are more likely to be late because they are handled more than once during their journey. When LCL shipments arrive at a transshipment port, they have to be unloaded and reloaded.

Also, it may be easier to book an LCL shipment than an FCL shipment during busy times like the shipping peak season, which runs from August to October, or the weeks before China’s Golden Week.

About the biggest sea Shipping Line in Germany

Germany’s shipping industry, comprising about 2,000 commercial ships operated by 316 companies, is predominantly made up of small and medium-sized enterprises, with most fleets having fewer than ten ships. Despite a decline in the number of ships, Germany still ranks fifth globally in merchant fleet size. A significant portion of these companies, many of which are involved in shipping from China to Germany, are based in Bremen, a state with a rich maritime history dating back to the Middle Ages. The Bremer Rhederverein represents this sector. Among the top German shipping companies are Maersk Deutschland GmbH, part of the world’s largest container shipping group with a fleet capable of moving the equivalent of 53 pyramids of Giza, and MSC Germany S.A. & Co. KG, the world’s second-largest container shipping company despite Switzerland’s limited port significance. CMA-CGM (Deutschland) GmbH, a French company with around 500 ships, often boasts the world’s largest container ships. Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. (OOCL), based in Hong Kong, manages significant operations from Bremen, serving Germany, Austria, and Eastern Europe, and offers specialized container shipping from China to all German seaports.

Sea Freight Cost / Transit time from China to Germany

Freight shipping rates from China to Germany change often, so getting a quote from a freight forwarder or carrier is the best way to figure out how much something will cost.
The quoted price will depend on a number of things, such as:

  • Demand for ocean space right now
  • The price of gas
  • Availability of containers and freight space on ships or planes
  • What kind of goods you are sending
  • How big your package is

You can ship by sea from China to Germany in two ways.

  • FCL
  • LCL

When Germans buy goods from China, they most often choose ocean freight as their method of shipping. It’s because shipping costs are so low. Also, it makes it possible to send large shipments, which lowers the cost of shipping per unit.

When ordering a shipment of 12 or more pallets, FCL (Full Container Load) is better. On the other hand, importers with smaller shipments usually choose LCL (Less Than Container Load) (usually between 1-15 cubic meters in a container). LCL shipping takes a little longer than standard FCL shipping because the cargo needs to be moved around (consolidated and deconsolidated) along the way.

The HipoFly team will help you figure out how much it will cost to ship goods from China to Germany by sea. The total cost depends on the type of goods, how they are shipped (FCL or LCL), how big they are, and how far they have to travel.

Sea freight cost - China to Germany

Our ocean freight services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, and we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, reliable, and timely shipping services.

Below, you will find a sample table listing estimated sea cargo costs from various sea ports in China to different sea ports in Germany for both FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) services. Please note that these are only estimates, and actual costs may vary. To get accurate, up-to-date quotes, kindly contact our customer service team.

From (China)Port CodeTo (Germany)Port CodeEstimated Cost (per CBM)Estimated Cost (20′ container)Estimated Cost (40′ container)
ShanghaiCNSHAHamburgDEHAM$40 – $60$1000 – $1500$1800 – $2400
ShenzhenCNSZXBremenDEBRV$45 – $65$1100 – $1600$1900 – $2500
GuangzhouCNGZUBremerhavenDEBRV$50 – $70$1200 – $1700$2000 – $2600
QingdaoCNTAORostockDERSK$55 – $75$1300 – $1800$2100 – $2700
TianjinCNTJNKielDEKEL$60 – $80$1400 – $1900$2200 – $2800
NingboCNNGBLubeckDELBK$65 – $85$1500 – $2000$2300 – $2900
XiamenCNXMNWilhelmshavenDEWVN$70 – $90$1600 – $2100$2400 – $3000
DalianCNDLCEmdenDEEME$75 – $95$1700 – $2200$2500 – $3100
FuzhouCNFOCFlensburgDEFLE$80 – $100$1800 – $2300$2600 – $3200
ChongqingCNCQGDuisburgDEDUI$85 – $105$1900 – $2400$2700 – $3300

The list of Sea shipping surcharges​

Shipping from China to Germany isn’t always easy, especially with all the extra fees that can be added. It’s easy to forget what you’re paying for and lose sight of the big picture when you have them.

Ocean freight surcharges can add up quickly. Most of these surcharges are meant to make up for a variety of extra costs that carriers have to pay (in addition to the basic cost of transporting cargo from origin to destination).

Here is a list of the main extra costs that may be added to the price of sea freight from China to Germany:

  • Drayage fees
  • CAF Charges
  • Low Sulphur Fuel Charge
  • BAF Factor
  • Emergency Bunker Surcharge
  • VGM fee
  • Heavy Lift Surcharge
  • War Risk Surcharge
  • Container Cleaning Fee
  • Out of Gauge
  • Carrier Security fee
  • Peak Season Surcharge

Still, if you have questions about how much sea freight from China to Germany will cost, please get in touch with our team.

Sea freight Transit Time - China to Germany(LCL,FCL)

Here’s a table with the estimated sea freight transit times from various cities in China to ports in Germany:

From (China)To (Germany) – PortFCL Service (Days)LCL Service (Days)
ChongqingPort of Hamburg25-3025-30
ShanghaiPort of Bremen/Bremerhaven29-3629-36
BeijingPort of Wilhelmshaven21-3021-30
ChengduPort of Duisburg19-2519-25
GuangzhouPort of Hamburg22-2822-28
ShenzhenPort of Bremen/Bremerhaven25-3025-30
TianjinPort of Wilhelmshaven29-3621-30
WuhanPort of Duisburg21-3019-25
SuzhouPort of Hamburg19-2522-28
LinyiPort of Bremen/Bremerhaven22-2825-30
HarbinPort of Wilhelmshaven29-3621-30
ShijiazhuangPort of Duisburg21-3521-30
HangzhouPort of Hamburg19-2519-25
ZhengzhouPort of Bremen/Bremerhaven18-2825-30
Xi’anPort of Wilhelmshaven25-3621-30
NanyangPort of Duisburg21-3019-25
GanzhouPort of Hamburg25-3022-28
HandanPort of Bremen/Bremerhaven29-3625-30
QingdaoPort of Wilhelmshaven21-3025-30
BaodingPort of Duisburg19-2521-30
WeifangPort of Hamburg22-2819-25
WenzhouPort of Bremen/Bremerhaven25-3019-25
JinanPort of Wilhelmshaven29-3622-28
XuzhouPort of Duisburg21-3025-30
HezePort of Hamburg19-2525-30
QuanzhouPort of Bremen/Bremerhaven22-2822-28
ZhoukouPort of Wilhelmshaven29-3625-30
ChangchunPort of Duisburg21-3521-30
NingboPort of Hamburg19-2521-30

5 main types of container for shipping to Germany

If you want sea shipping from China to Germany, you should know that there are more than 25 different types of containers, but only 5 of them are very popular:

  1. 20′ GP Container: The 20ft gp container is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet 6 inches high on the outside. The outside of a 20 gp container is 6.10 meters long, 2.44 meters wide, and 2.59 meters high. In feet, the inside is 19′ 4″ long, 7′ 9″ wide, and 7′ 10″ high.
  2. 40′ GP Container: The design of the 20′ and 40′ shipping containers is the same, but the 40′ container is twice as long. So the whole thing is 40 feet long and can carry twice as much stuff.
  3. Flat Rack Container: A flat rack container only has two sides and no top. This lets heavy things be put on the rack from the top or the side. Most flat rack containers are 20 or 40 feet long and made of steel, which makes them strong and long-lasting. Some flat rack containers can be folded up, and some have extra walls that can be added to the frame.
  4. Open Top Container: This kind of container is similar to a Dry Storage type, but it doesn’t have a lid. This makes it easy to load large amounts of cargo. There is a plastic roof that can be attached to the container with ropes and protects against rain and other types of precipitation.
  5. Refrigerated containers: There is always a carefully controlled low temperature in these temperature-controlled shipping containers. They are only used to ship things like fruits and vegetables over long distances, which spoil quickly.

Should I book my air and sea shipment myself, or will my supplier do it?

If your supplier has his own freight forwarder for shipping from China to Germany, you can book the shipment of your goods through his freight forwarder. But we suggest that you book the air or sea freight through our company.

If you do it yourself, you will get better rates for sure. If your supplier does this himself, he will charge you a lot more for this service than it is worth.
We offer a wide range of services at prices that are better than what other companies can do.


We’ve been in the shipping from China to Germany for over 10 years, so we know how to ship anything from China to Germany. Every month, we handle hundreds of shipments for customs. We have a great record of making sure all imports are cleared on time.

The first step is to figure out what kind of shipping works best for the item. If the product is small and light, it will be better to ship it by air or sea. If the item is heavy, shipping from door to door will be the best option.

If you want to bring goods from China to Germany, you have a few options for how to get them there:

Express Shipping: This method of shipping moves things along quickly because it requires less paperwork and customs clearance. It also costs more than other ways to travel because it gets you there faster.

Depending on where your goods are coming from and where they are going, air shipping usually takes between 7 and 10 days. The downside is that this method can take up to 50% longer if your goods have to go through customs in another country before reaching their final destination.

Sea shipping takes about two weeks, but if your goods go through customs, it can take up to three months.Shipping from China to Germany may not be easy, especially if you decide to do it on your own.You need to learn a lot of technical terms and steps in order to ship efficiently and not make mistakes.Hiring a professional freight forwarder can speed up and simplify your shipping.But you can still ask the HipoFly team anything.

The answer to the question is not that simple. You have to take into account a number of factors and some of them are:

  • The shipping costs
  • The shipping time
  •  The customs fees
  • The taxes

A lot of people like to buy products from China and send them to their friends and family in Germany. However, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account when shipping packages from China to Germany.

The cost of shipping from China to Germany is dependent on the weight and size of the package. The costs vary depending on the location where the package is being shipped from. Additionally, there are other factors that influence the cost such as import duty, customs clearance, and delivery fees.

In general, it is cheaper for companies or individuals to ship packages by air than by sea because air transport costs less than sea transport. However, air transport has its own set of challenges such as delay times in customs clearance and delivery fees.

If you have damages on your package when it arrives in Germany, you should contact the local postal service (Deutsche Post) immediately. If the package is damaged and has a value of more than €50, then Deutsche Post will cover the cost of the damage. If it is less than €50, then you need to fill out a claim form.

If it’s not too late, you can also try to save your package by filing a claim with Deutsche Post for compensation.

This question is an important one for many people who have been waiting for a package to arrive. It takes on average around 6-8 days for a package to arrive in Germany, but this is not an average number.

The time it takes for a package to arrive depends on the type of shipping service you use and the country where the recipient lives. For example, if you use DHL Express, it will take around 3-5 days since they only deliver packages from Monday-Friday.

International shipping is a popular way for businesses to expand their reach across the globe. It can be challenging, however, to find the best shipping options for your business.

Here are some of the most common options:

Standard Shipping – this option is usually free and takes about 3-5 days to arrive in your destination country.

Express Shipping – this option is usually more expensive than standard shipping but it will arrive within 1-2 days in your destination country.

Expedited Shipping – this option will arrive within 2 days of shipment, sometimes even faster than express shipping.

Overnight Shipping – this option will arrive the next day with you receiving it before noon. This can be a great choice if you need something by a certain time and don’t have time to wait for standard or express shipping.

Saturday Delivery – This option is only available on Saturdays and Sundays with delivery arriving on Monday morning or Tuesday evening depending on when you chose your preferred delivery

A full-service international shipping company, based in China, will ship a package from China to Europe for $25.00.

The cost of international shipping depends on the weight and size of the parcel as well as the country it is being shipped to. Generally, shipping costs are calculated by the weight of the parcel and its destination country. If a package is being shipped from China to Europe, it will cost $25.00 for this service.