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In today’s global market, express courier services are of major importance, especially when you want to ship goods from China, because businesses are looking to outsource their supply chain and shipping needs more and more to save money and make things run more smoothly. 

Shipping is a big part of running a successful online business, so you need to hire a list of courier companies in China.

For many buyers, the ability to choose an express courier services in China can make the difference between making a purchase and leaving the basket empty. 

Some people might go with express courier services based on how well they did in the past, while others might look for one that provides fast shipping.

You can ask the Hipofly expert team for help. As we work with many express courier services in China, we can get the best quotations from them due to our bulk consolidated shipments.

What Is an Express Courier Service?

When you choose among express courier services in China, the delivery will be to your door, which means the courier company will clear customs in China and, more importantly, in the country of destination. It is known as the fastest among all methods of shipping. The delivery services provided by courier services vary from the next flight delivery to the flights within 2 or 3 days. 

List of courier companies in China: FedEx, DHL, DPD, and UPS are the most famous express courier services that use courier networks to deliver packages across the country and worldwide. The cost of express shipping depends on the urgency with which the goods need to be sent, where the goods come from and their destination, how heavy and oversized the package is, and if there are any special handling or other fees that go with it.

Insurance is essential in case there are any claims. This can include door-to-door protection, the transporter’s negligence, a loss somewhere other than the carrier, payment for the replacement of goods and freight, and the costs of doing so.

Costs for international express shipping are also affected by tariffs and shipping taxes. Many countries have guidelines that offer duty comfort or duty drawbacks, which help get the money refunded on goods that are imported and then exported again.

Why do you need Express Courier Services In the Shipping Business?

Express courier services are the best choice when you want to send small packages from China so fast, like when you are an e-commerce seller. In that case, time is crucial since on-time delivery guarantees your reputation. Also, you don’t consolidate all the orders simultaneously because you need to deliver them at different times. 

The standard air freight offered by shipping companies will charge you so much for small parcels and also is not very fast for most cases; if an express service in China, transit time is 2 to 3 days, the time for transporting the same cargo with the standard air freight will be around seven days. For businesses associated with medical purposes that always need their goods on time and with the most safety, express will be the best option.

How Are Express Courier Services In China Different From Normal Air Freight Services?

To make it more clear, here are some of the differences between shipping with average air freight and express courier services from China :

Inspection of Exported Goods

International air cargo services need to inspect exported goods, but express courier services don’t.

Costs and Rates of Freight

If you are an international trader is shipping goods in bulk from China, standard air freight is more cost-effective as the express will charge you more every time. But if time is crucial in your business  

Type of the goods

the method of shipping you choose depends on the kind of goods. Most air freight companies won’t transport hazardous materials from China(like flammables, corrosives, dangerous gasses, explosives, hazardous materials, medical products, etc.) unless they follow strict rules and guidelines. In contrast, express courier services ship this type of cargo more easily and frequently.

Transit Time

The transit time when you send your parcel from China by express is way less than the standard air freight. So if you need your items urgently, you should use express courier service instead of regular air freight. For example, when the transit time by average air freight is 7 to 10 days, it takes barely five days by express service.

What Are the Advantages of Using Express Courier Services in China?

If you’re sending something by express courier services or air freight, you should consider which method fits your needs best and how much it will cost. Even though each has pros and cons, it depends on how convenient it is and how much you are willing to pay.

Here is a list of advantages of using express courier services over regular air freight:

Fast delivery

The delivery time is one of the main differences between express courier services shipping and regular shipping. Standard air freight to send your package would usually take between 2 and 8 days. When air courier sends the product express shipping, this takes about a day. Often, you can also choose to get the product the same day.

No wasting time in the warehouse 

Warehouse send-out is another advantage of express shipping. It takes between one and three days for goods to leave the warehouse. For standard shipping, goods can stay in the storage facility for up to 8 days, and the service doesn’t include same-day shipping or any other special arrangements.

You get to choose the delivery.

Which delivery method is best depends on whether it’s a personal order and you don’t mind waiting or whether you need the items quickly and need faster delivery. By using express courier services, you can choose your delivery option between the next flight and the flight in the three following days.

Express service is better for small packages!

If you need a small package to arrive quickly, it is more logical to use express courier services. Air freight is the most cost-effective way to ship oversized packages or bulk goods that weigh tens or hundreds of kilograms.

Use Express if you have an e-commerce business.

If you have a time-sensitive business like e-commerce, on-time delivery is essential; otherwise, your business will lose its reputation. Using express is very much reasonable economically in comparison with average air freight.

list of courier companies in China

It’s better to choose a well-known express courier service in China because you can rely on their on-time delivery, clarity in prices, and thorough services with reliable insurance and customer service. Here is the list of the best famous express courier services in China :


DHL express courier

DHL is a German logistics company that was started in the United States. It offers express courier services, package delivery, and express mail services worldwide, especially in China. The company is a part of the German logistics company Deutsche Post.

DHL is a primary express courier service for global shipping. It supports many e-commerce businesses worldwide, especially in China; offering express delivery is a great way to beat out its competitors. It is one of the most reliable and best in the business.


FedEx express courier

FedEx Corporation, which used to be called Federal Express Corporation and then FedEx Company, is an American multinational holding company based in Memphis, Tennessee. Its main business areas are transportation, e-commerce, and business services worldwide, including China.

It offers fast express courier services and global trade services like customs brokerage, global high seas, and air freight shipping. The company provides small-package ground delivery, residence delivery, less-than-truckload (LTL) freight services, in-store services, and other business solutions. FedEx also has technical support, IT, communications, billing and collection, and information technology services.

Some of the brands that FedEx uses are:

  • FedEx
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Freight 
  • FedEx Office
  • FedEx Logistics 
  • FedEx Office 
  • FedEx Dataworks
  • FedEx Services

It has a market presence in America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe, among other places. FedEx’s main office is in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States.


TNT express courier

TNT Express is one of the largest companies in the world that offers express courier services. It has a solid position in Europe and sends shipments to more than 210 Asian countries, mainly in China. They guarantee the delivery of your packages, documents, and freight on time with good quality, no matter where you are.

A company called TNT Express sends packages all over the world. FedEx owns it, and its main office is in the Netherlands.


Aramex express courier

Aramex is a logistics, express courier service, and package delivery company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson started the business in 1982 Amman, Jordan. It was the first company based in the Arab world listed on the NASDAQ market.

Today, Aramex has over 300 offices in 58 countries and 210 big cities worldwide. The network is constantly growing and getting bigger.


UPS express courier

United Parcel Service is an American company that was started in 1907. is a multinational shipping and receiving company that also manages the supply chain. UPS started as the American Messaging service Company, which sent telegrams. Now, it is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest shipping couriers in the world.

UPS is one of the best express courier services in the world, especially in China, and a top provider of solutions for managing supply chains worldwide. Under the UPS brand, they run one of the major airlines and one of the largest fleets of vehicles that run on fuels other than gasoline.


DPD express courier

DPD is one of the best Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) companies worldwide. DPD is the second-largest CEP carrier in Europe, offering express courier services of about 5.5 million packages per day and about 2.2 billion packages worldwide in 2022. A French postal service company owns the company.

Royal Post

Royal post

Royal Post Delivery Company can help you with various shipping and express courier services. Royal Post’s courier services are flexible and as easy for our customers to use as possible.

They take care of all security issues and provide express courier sePost’s Royal Post’s focus is on providing reliable services with a personal touch, and it has many services and connections. With international services, you can send packages that will arrive the next day. you’reter if you’re sending something for personal or professional purpPost’s Royal Post’s express courier services are a great deal and include insurance.


China International EMS is a service that China Postal Express & Logistics and other postal companies around the world use to send packages. It offers express courier services and sends and receives documents, materials, emergency letters, and all kinds of goods quickly and reliably from and to other countries.

DB Schenker

DB schenker

The German rail company Deutsche Bahn has a division called DB Schenker that handles logistics and offers express courier services. In 2002, Deutsche Bahn bought the company as Schenker-Stinnes. It has sections for air, la”d, sea, and “Contr”ct Logistics” freight.

DB Schenker is one of the best express courier companies in the world. It helps industry and trade move goods around the world by providing land shipping, global air and ocean freight, logistics services, and resource management.



BlueDart, also known as the cohesive express and package Distribution Company, is the best courier service in South Asia. BlueDart serves more than 34,832 locations and more than 221 countries and territories with its services. The services are provided by DHL, which is one of the most well-known names in fast delivery services.


The most important advantage of using express courier services in China is the fast delivery. When you buy goods from Chinese mait’scturers, it’s important to get your goods ondon’t so you don’t lose money on customer dissatisfaction due to delays in delivery. It is easier to ship special or hazardous goods from China by express courier services. 

But when you want to ship goods from China, it is vital to choose a proper, known express courier service that is reliable and that you can trust with the delivery, safety, and customer service.


When should I use express courier service instead of normal air freight?

It is better to use an express courier service when you need your package urgently at the destination or the goods are considered dangerous because normal air cargo rarely accepts such goods, and the transit time of the express courier is a lot less than the normal air freight.

What are the best express courier services in China?

FedEx, DHK, and UPS are the best and the most well known courier services around the globe that offer various services in China for shipping to other countries as well.

Is it better to ship bulk goods with express courier services?

If you want to ship in bulk and you are not in a hurry to receive the goods at the it’sination, it’s better to ship with standard air freight rather than express courier services because courier services will charge you more per kilogram.

How can you get a good price from express courier services for shipping goods from China? 

We are here to help! As we always have bulk orders to ship with express couriers we can negotiate better and get better prices for sending your package. 

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