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    At Hipofly Shipping Company, our discussion today focused on the indispensable role of Iran’s major sea cargo ports in facilitating international trade and bolstering the nation’s economy. Recognized for its diverse industries, Iran still heavily relies on its oil exports, and the true backbone of this trade lies in its sea ports.

    Our conversation shed light on how these ports are not mere transit points, but strategic economic assets. Amidst financial constraints, Iran’s efforts, supported by international investments, are evident in the development of key ports like Chabahar. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing Iran’s trade infrastructure and economic expansion.

    A prime example is the Bandar Abbas Port, strategically located on the Hormuz Bay. As Iran’s main maritime gateway, particularly for shipments originating from China, Bandar Abbas stands as a logistical keystone, efficiently managing significant volumes of cargo and TEUs. Its robust connectivity to major cities underscores its pivotal role in our logistical operations at Hipofly.

    Furthermore, our expertise extends to ports like Khorramshahr and the burgeoning Bushehr port in the Persian Gulf. Each of these ports, with their distinct features, forms a crucial part of Iran’s and Hipofly’s strategic trade network.

    Major Seaports in Iran

    Before shipping a container from China to Iran, you need to know everything there is to know about every seaport in Iran. Even though Iran has built up industries like biotechnology, car manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals to diversify its economy, the country’s economy is still mostly based on oil exports.

    Most of its international trade is done through its seaports. Because Iran doesn’t have enough money, other countries and international groups pay for new ports like Chabahar. Iran is aware of the strategic importance of its ports, though, and is working on expanding and modernizing the major ports and terminals to help the economy grow.

    The importance of seaports in Iran cannot be overstated, as they serve as the lifeblood of the nation’s economy and play a pivotal role in facilitating international trade. With more than 30 ports scattered along its extensive coastline, Iran’s maritime infrastructure provides a vital link to the global market. While the country has diversified its economy into industries such as biotechnology, car manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals, it remains heavily reliant on oil exports. Consequently, most of Iran’s international trade transactions are channeled through its seaports.

    Here is a list of the major international聽 cargo seaports in Germany:

    Bandar Abbas port

    Bandar Abbas Port, strategically located on the shores of Hormuz Bay and facing the Hormuz islands, is Iran’s key maritime gateway, especially for shipping from China to Bandar Abbas Port. This vital port is seamlessly connected to major Iranian cities, including Tehran, through a well-developed network of roads and railways, making it a pivotal node in Iran’s logistics infrastructure.

    Bandar Abbas Port plays an indispensable role in the import and export of a wide array of commodities, including those originating from shipping routes between China and Iran. It serves as a critical departure point for goods such as chrome ore, red oxide, cotton carpets, marble blocks, petroleum products, dried fruits, pistachios, nuts, and exquisite Kerman rugs destined for international markets. Simultaneously, the port serves as the primary entry point for vital imports like cotton piece goods, tea, sugar, matches, fertilizers, grains, construction equipment, and woolens. Annually, Bandar Abbas Port efficiently manages an impressive volume of cargo, roughly amounting to 37,000,000 tons, and adeptly handles 1,000,000 TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units). Its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and extensive cargo-handling capacity underscore its critical role in facilitating the seamless flow of goods, enhancing trade relations, and contributing significantly to Iran’s economic growth and global connectivity.

    锘縄nformation Value
    Address Bandar Abbas, Iran
    Phone 98 761 564015
    Fax 98 761 564063
    Coordinates 27潞 10' 59'' N, 56潞 16' 59'' E
    Decimal 27.1833333, 56.2833333
    Port Type Seaport
    Port Size Medium
    Terminal Yes

    Port of Khorramshahr 鈥

    The port of Khorramshahr Special Economic Zone (P.K.S.E.Z.) is at the south-west end of the Khuzestan plain, where the Karun and Arvand rivers meet. It is at longitude 48-9E and latitude 30-26N. The bridge goes from Khorramshahr to Abadan island, which is 15 km away. Through Karun, the distance between Khorramshahr and Ahwaz is 168 km, and by road, the distance between Khorramshahr and Basra is 40 km.

    The Iranian Railway system ends in Khorramshahr, and the rest of the country can be reached by train every day. Khorramshahr is connected to other major cities in the country by good asphalt roads. Carpets, gum, fruits, hides and skins, animal casings, cotton, wooden staves, and rice are some of the things that are exported. Cotton and woollen fabrics, tea, sugar, cars, railway materials, industrial machinery, chemicals and drugs, electrical goods, hardware, chinaware, and cement are some of the things that are imported.

    锘縄nformation Value
    Address Khorramshahr, Iran
    Port Authority Iranian Port and Shipping Organization
    Phone +98 61 5222 2131
    Fax +98 61 5222 2153
    Coordinates 30掳26'31"N, 48掳10'20"E
    Decimal 30.441944, 48.172222
    Port Type Seaport
    Port Size Medium
    Terminal Yes

    Port of Bandar Khomeini

    This is another famous port for shipping from China to UAE by sea. The Mina Khalid Port in Sharjah is one of the three best deep-water harbors in the UAE.

    It, along with Hamriyah and Khor Fakkan, is run by the Department of Seaports and Customs. The port has cold stores, reefer storage areas, bulk cargo, and 33 multipurpose berths that can be used for different things. The port has a lot of space for cargo storage, and ever since it was built, the port of Mina Khalid has been updating its services and facilities.

    Port of Mina Khalid is a multipurpose port because it is a key entry point to the United Arab Emirates industrial heart. On the dockside, there are two cold stores, and the port has oil and offshore support. The plan for building the port also includes building the dhow wharfage facility and the new berth in the breakwater reclamation area.

    锘縄nformation Details
    Address P.O. Box: 159, Khuzestan Province, Iran
    Phone 98 652252 2050
    Fax 98 652252 2050
    Coordinates 30潞 25' 39'' N, 49潞 6' 28'' E
    Decimal Coordinates 30.427598, 49.1078034
    Port Type Seaport
    Port Size Large
    Terminal Not specified
    Port Code IRBKM
    Country/Region Iran
    City Bandar Khomeini
    Port Category Feeder Port
    Additional Info The port has two wharves, east and west wharves. The east wharf is for grain import. Regular vessel types include cargo vessels (about 56%) and dredging vessels (around 25.5%).

    Port of Bushehr

    Bushehr (or Bushire) is a city on the Persian Gulf on the southwest coast of Iran. A general look at a dry cargo port that is growing in the central Persian Gulf. It has seven berths for special economic zones (SEZ), general cargo, and oil products. There is a lightering service, but barges are rarely used to unload cargo these days.
    The size of BUSHEHR is in the middle. Most of the time, General Cargo (32%), Fishing (13%), Cargo (13%), Container Ship (4%), and Offshore Supply Ship (3%), are the types of ships that stop at BUSHEHR. The last ship to visit this port was the MAHROYAN, which was 2, 3 hours, 15 minutes, and 38 seconds ago. The biggest ship that has been recorded as coming into this port is 274 meters long. It can go as deep as 10 meters. The most Deadweight you can have is 49288t.

    锘縄nformation Value
    Address Bushehr, Iran
    Port Authority Iranian Port and Shipping Organization
    Phone +98 77 3336 2011
    Fax +98 77 3336 3253
    Coordinates 28掳53'07"N, 50掳49'08"E
    Decimal 28.885278, 50.818889
    Port Type Seaport
    Port Size Small
    Terminal Yes

    Other seaports in Iran

    In the list above, we talked about the four largest seaports in Iran. Iran, on the other hand, has a lot more seaports:

    • Bandar Anzali port
    • Bandar Mahshahr port
    • Bandar Noshahr port
    • Bandar Taheri port
    • Chabahar port
    • Cyrus Terminal port
    • Kish Island port
    • Lavan Island port
    • Ras Bahrgan port


    As we conclude our in-depth exploration of Iran’s major sea cargo ports, it’s clear that these hubs are not just crucial for Iran’s economy but are also vital cogs in the machinery of international trade. At Hipofly Shipping Company, we understand the significance of these ports in facilitating efficient and reliable sea freight from China to Iran.

    Our discussion today underscores our commitment to providing expert logistics solutions that harness the strategic advantages of ports like Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr, and Bushehr. These ports are more than just transit points; they are vital lifelines that connect the intricate web of global trade.

    For businesses and individuals looking to navigate the complexities of sea freight from China to Iran, Hipofly offers tailored solutions that promise efficiency, reliability, and a deep understanding of the trade landscape. Our expertise in leveraging Iran’s port infrastructure ensures that your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time.

    For more detailed information about our sea freight services from China to Iran, and to explore how we can assist in your shipping needs, we invite you to visit our Shipping from China to Iran Service. Here, you’ll find comprehensive insights, guidance, and support to make your shipping experience seamless and hassle-free.


    Iran’s major cargo seaports include Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr, and Bushehr. These ports play a crucial role in Iran’s international trade, especially in oil exports and imports of various commodities.

    Bandar Abbas is strategically located on the Hormuz Bay and is Iran’s primary maritime gateway, especially for shipping from China. It’s well-connected to major cities and handles a significant volume of cargo, making it vital for Iran’s economy.

    Located at the meeting point of the Karun and Arvand rivers, Khorramshahr port facilitates the export and import of various goods. Its connectivity to the Iranian Railway system and major roads makes it a key player in regional trade.

    Bushehr port, situated in the central Persian Gulf, handles a diverse range of cargo, including general goods, fishing products, and oil products. It’s known for its special economic zone and general cargo berths.

    Iran’s cargo seaports are essential for its international trade, significantly contributing to the economy. They provide gateways for exporting oil and importing vital goods, aiding in economic diversification.

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