HipoFly stands as a prominent figure in the logistics and shipping industry in China, providing an extensive array of services that cater to a global clientele. With over a decade of experience, HipoFly has established itself as a reliable and efficient shipping company, offering a wide range of services including VIP air freight, sea freight, Door to Door delivery, Express shipping, and logistics solutions tailored for Amazon FBA. The company also covers rail and road transport, ensuring a comprehensive approach to logistics, the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in its approach to service delivery. HipoFly understands the diverse needs of its clients and strives to offer personalized solutions that align with their specific requirements. Whether it’s ensuring the safe transport of goods via sea or facilitating a time-sensitive air freight, HipoFly has the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional service, moreover, HipoFly’s network spans over 80 countries, highlighting its global reach and capability to manage international shipping demands effectively. This extensive network is a testament to the company’s commitment to offering accessible and efficient shipping solutions worldwide.

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Address: A1403-79, Innovation Science and Technology Plaza, Tian’an Digital City, Chegongmiao, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
WhatsApp / WeChat (24/7) :+86 -15602310708
Email: Sale@HipoFly.com
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Internaational Shipping Company in China

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